10/10/2006 World of Warcraft inspired dream?

hmm….i was at the beach. some weird sea creatures had invaded.

The looked very much like naga from World of Warcraft (maybe I am playing that too much). some scaly green female (looked like the sequined girl from rocky horror, except she was blonde) was either a mermaid or was riding a sea serpent. she tried to get away to regroup, but was too slow and two of the nasty sea creatures went after her. she was speared in the back twice and then she was cut up with pole-axes. lots of noise. The mermaid/scaly green girl was lamenting the fact that she had been able to defend Australia in the past but now would be unable to do so. She was saying this while clutching a severed leg to her body with her remaining arm.

Very vivid greens and reds in this dream. Despite being hacked up and loosing loads of blood, the girl appeared quite lucid and nowhere near death.