09/05/2010 Dreams


Weird Sex in City 2. Main character has a water phobia. On cruise ship. Carpet undergoing poltergeist activity. Final scene was ‘the bath’. Clear glass bath descended over main character. Room filled with water.


Head hunted for another company. I’d been poached by a company related to Sigma, but not Sigma. I’d signed all the paperwork and was still at my old job. My boss supposedly was the one to set me up with the new mob but he was not very forthcoming with start dates or anything else (so apparently he was my contact for the new dudes too).

Upwards. Multiple dreams. All fuzzy

04/05/2010 School reunion strangeness

I was at the 20 year reunion for my secondary school. The venue was set up like a large classroom (tables in a square). To my left was Kelly Lewis, to my right, Vic. I would up pashing Kelly and fingering her while at the same time fingering Vic. About halfway through, Vic moved my hand away. I must have been distracting her.