19/06/2009 Complainy dream

Picked up by Honica Merten, the assistant to work’s GM. Worried about getting her our of house before A got home.  Said my beard/stubble prickled her pussy and was generally complaining about everything.


13/06/2009 Bad feelings in this dream

I was traveling on a bus and Renae and the bearded bouncer from the Retro were funning in up in front rhs seat. I was sitting in the 2nd from the front lhs seat with Ross from work. Ross commented on Ren’s inappropriate behavior (given she had a bf and the guy she was getting all cosy with was not him) I said that that was how she acted all the time.

She apparently overheard me as she direct a comment about my supposedly crappy lovemaking skills. I replied that I was not talking about her and I was commenting on one of the supposedly million women residing in Melbourne I had slept with. I then went on to say how I though her fringe looked silly and made her face look fat (so now it matched the rest of her body). A nasty feeling dream.