23/05/2009 Rally driving with MTB on roof

I seemed to be in a rally with my mountain bike n the roof of my car.  I rolled the car going into a corner and was upset that I had trashed my bicycle.  A mountain bike rider monoed through the corner and around us a little later.


08/05/2009 Dreaming of car warranties

The internal trim of my car appeared severely sun or water damaged and the right hand side (door specifically) was rusty and had very old paint in very poor condition on it.  I was wondering if my five year warranty would cover such things given the car was two years old.

07/05/2009 Dream with WTF!? subject matter.

Angela was half in half out of the garage having sex with a horse. I was peeve she had not invited me to join in the fun. I was in the study and was observing activities now and then when I glanced up from my computer. She evidentially did not think I knew what she was up to. When she eventually came inside she complained of large bruises on her arms, legs and back. I said that’s what you get when you go horse fucking.

Had a few more dreams, but too fuzzy to make out.

29/06/2007 Moon Mining

Dream 1:
Some coal tanker in the process of a refloat attempt broke in two.

Dream 2:
I was part of a mining expedition on the moon. It was very dark and I kept thinking I could see other ‘people’ in some caves to our north. This turned out to be so.

For whatever reason my ship went into emergency evacuation mode. I was encased on the outside of the vessel in an air bubble and one other was inside the ship. The remaining people were left on the surface.

Upon return to earth the ship had morphed into a bus. I was sitting on a bean bag in the back and observed a police car pursuing us – we were doing about 200kph along a country road/highway. I indicated to the pilot that he should stop due to the police. When we stopped, I took off and ran along the road, which became more and more countrified and at one point had tree branches blocking the road – difficult for me to get past, impossible for cars.

Eventually I came to a t intersection. The road was now dirt and the intersection was in the middle of a grassy area with pine trees or gums about 100m distant. There was a slight rise before the road I have travelled down intersected with the other road.

Shortly a whole bunch of traffic came long and turned right. The majority of traffic was recycled waste and garbage trucks. They were dropping goods all over the road and I got the impression they planned to dump the reminder of the loads when they reached their destination.

I was wondering how the trucks got past the tree branch blockage. I also got the impression that the city was around 10km from the intersection in the direction I had been travelling. This was curious given we had been moving away from the city, so why I was now headed towards it was strange. I also wondered why, given we had an interplanetary vessel, we were driving down a highway allowing ourselves to be booked for speeding.