28/04/2009 Dictation dream

I was proof reading a document I had dictated.  The document contained many errors as well as comments to myself and directions to the dictator.


25/04/2009 Dream of dangerous clouds

I was eating lunch in the canteen at work.  Very dark and ominous storm clouds were rolling in.  I removed myself to an area with no windows as the clouds had the potential to smash the canteen’s windows in.

22/04/2009 Nightclub? dream

I was at a party that appeared to be in someone’s basement that was set up like a long skinny bar.  I was chatting up a redhead of average to athletic build with straight medium length hair.

We appeared to spend much of our time on a couch or bean bag assembly. At one stage I lent over and kissed her. I was not offered resistance or encouragement. When I decided to leave I exited to what looked like the back of the Drouin Football Club rooms.

14/04/2009 Epic dream lasting a few weeks subjectively. I’d love more of these!

Felt like World Of Warcraft and Heroes merged.

I was friends with Sylar and we were very competitive with each other.

Something about a glowing orange box above the door of a professor’s warehouse abode.

Me being transported to the future and seeing how the world had turned to ruin – ruled by death and destruction overseen by a supernatural dragon.

Back to the present. I was headed down the stars to the main area of the warehouse (from the front door) and I was at mental war with Sylar. After some tooing and frooing, he visualised a rune which then proceeded to unlock the glowing orange box. This released the demon contained within. I was transported to the future again.

The dragon was flying through the darkness in a (potentially) ruined city. It alighted at the top of a tall building then telepathically announced who it was and what the deal was.

Lots more detail in the dream and it felt like it went on for a few weeks overall.