30/03/2009 Freeway cycling and wet wired jeans

dream 1:

Riding along freeway. council vehicle painting entire lane white. running out of paint every 10m. me annoyed that cars are potentially splashing me with paint.

dream 2:

Someone had given me a pair of dark blue denim jeans. supposedly wet wired.


22/03/2009 Someone’s trying to snipe me!

It was night and someone was out to get me. He was perched up on top of my television antenna with a sniper rifle. He could not locate me and I alternated between trying to take him out and running around inside telling my wife about it and that we needed to call the police. She was disinterested. I was trying to decide if someone out to kill oneself was a 000 call or not.

The dream as located in the suburbs in a house very similar to David’s dream house form a few years back.

02/03/2009 Protowyrm Dream

I was in a field looking for protowyrm eggs.  I needed to collect five of tem.  I found a stash all covered with goop and put around 7 in my shirt so I could hold them while I made my escape.  I would up jumping the barbed wire fence and  running through a country town (though it may have been a city).  A protowyrm was hot of my heels.  Supposedly it would eat me if (when) it caught me.