23/02/2009 Multiple WOW profiles

Something about setting up a WOW profile on my work computer for every dungeon/instance within the game.


18/02/2009 Dream dodginess

I was the passenger in a car that was stopped by the police for a random check. I had a loaded pistol under my seat and I got hauled in for this. After being processed some friends working for the police saw me and investigated my case. They took the ammo out of the gun and said it was not an offence to have an unloaded weapon. I was let off. Yay to inside men!

15/02/2009 Hooning and real life FPS gaming


I was a passenger (rear right) in a white Toyota Cressida (1975 or so). The driver was up in the Gippsland hills hooning around corners and gradually getting faster and more reckless. The road had gotten wet and the left front passenger made some comment to the driver to take it easy. This distracted the driver and they drifted onto the left hand side verge, hit some grass and the car went sideways. We all braced for a very painful series of rolls, but everything went dead quiet, black and completely lacked sensation.


I was playing a real life FPS without the fragging or so forth. More like the location was from an FPS – all gantries and stairs and so forth. After about the 4th change in location, I was crawling through some corridors full of piping, cages and very overgrown domestic cats (the size of Labradors ). I’d lost my party and was calling out to them. I heard someone who knew me respond. It turned out to be a blonde female from high school who was locked in a room. I released her. As she was debriefing me, a short haired woman and an unidentified associate entered the room I had rescued the blonde from and they were chatting. The blonde said we should leave and not to trust short hair as she came across as nice, but all she and her accomplice wanted to do was capture you and lock you in a room.

Blondie disappeared and I was trying to exit the property. I hid on top of a corrugated iron roof as short hair and accomplice headed for the main gates. The roof peeled off depositing me on the ground. I wound up in the corner of the property and had to scale the fence (complete with barbed wire in top).

As I move up the street I heard (telepathically probably) that the accomplice was going for my car (how he knew which one it was I do not know…I had an inkling it was the only new car in the area). As I was returning I saw the car’s hatch open and accomplice was remove things from the boot. The car then appeared to be set alight, but this turned out to be a brownish ute with materials in the tray on fire. My car was fine. Very fuzzy after this. Lots of me thinking that this does not make much sense.