28/04/2008 Dream of reviewing a stealth fighter

I was test piloting/reviewing a 4 seater stealth fighter. It morphed into a road car and then a motorcycle and then stalled and would not start. I also thought having four seats was a bit of a stretch if it was to perform as a fighter only.


08/04/2008 Wacky Quite Involved Dream

Wacky dream.

Some people were being killed by demons and then revived. This would be evidenced by their eyes turning white, then their irises going a sickly yellow/pink colour. Their skin would also be covered in scabby legions which would eventually heal.

Some interdimensional creatures from the future were using portals to enter our universe and decimate our forests by ring barking the trees.   Originally two portals opened on the beach and a large purple elephant type creature emerged. No amount of shooting with a fairly high powered machine gun would affect the creature as it slowly lumbered along the shore prior to engaging a cloaking device.

My partner then went on to explain the creature, their portals and various other information. I think we must have destroyed the second portal. The wreckage appeared to be a land driver 4wd. The first portal appeared to leave behind a large bulldozer shell or something similar. My partner examined the phone left on the unit in an attempt to garner information, or contact the other dimension. I taxed some equipment from the 4wd, including a hand held cb. The other dude went on to explain that none of the interdimensional creatures had ever been killed or captured and they would always come back for what they left behind (including disabled tech such as what we were examining).

I wound up conversing with one of the demond killed and supposedly they had the same powers as me and were just as strong (I’d be imbued with the ability to fly and a host of other as yet undiscovered talents). I was trying to fly but could only get a few meters off the ground and would be unable to do much else. At one point I was above a grassed car park when a whole lot of portals began to unwind. There were a few more like me hovering in the air and we tried to zap the interlopers, but could not engage any magical powers. The cloaks of the creatures engaged as they moved into the surrounding forest and in short order, ring barked all the trees and warped back to their own dimension.

The dream continued on in much the same fashion for quite some time.