02/02/2008 Strange dream tonight.

Dream 1:

I had lost my head to a projection unit. It had been transferred to the film of a projection unit (it could be seen in grainy black and white on a projection screen). Another character was trying to get my head back (strangely, not having a head did not affect my body). In the end, the lights went out, a splash and a clunk was heard and my head was returned. The other character (who I two was inhabiting) appears to have lost his head. This was all a plan of the projection unit to get revenge or something.   When the lights went off, a female voice was heard asking in a panicked voice , ‘what happened? turn the lights back on’.

Dream 2:

Renae featured in this dream. She is remembered to have remarked wistfully that I had good definition, when looking at my torso. We were looking at a house in the neighbourhood that was weatherboard and quite small but up for sale, starting at $1 300 000. This was $1 000 000 above a reasonable price for the area.

Next she was walking up a hill and I was either in a wheelchair (possibly motorised) or a shopping trolley, trying to wheel myself up the hill. In the end I got fed up with this and carried whatever form of wheeled contraption I had been using.


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