23/01/2008 Nukes and fake cliffs

Dream 1
Something about being in a desert where a jet had to open a bunker with a smaller bomb before throwing down a nuke. I appeared to be two characters at once who had to identify the bomb placement point then hide behind a wardrobe as the nuke went off.

Bloody bright, very farking loud and painfully hot on the arm and leg that were not properly hidden behind the book case.

Dream 2
Something about a griffin and sparkle dust.

I had to climb a big cliff, get some sparkle dust (for unknown reasons) then escape back down the cliff without the griffin eating me. While climbing down, the cliff was more like what one would expect on a 1960’s tv set – fake and blown looking.


03/01/2008 A dream of a self protective shield and body swapping

I was in a hospital where there was a large room set up like a museum exhibit. A large fish tank appeared to be broken and gold fish were in triangular sections of water. Despite the broken look, several miniature animals, such as monkey type creatures appeared to inhabiting the fixture. I patted one of them, and at this time, the design of the enclosure appeared to be suitable for its purpose.

The next thing I know I’m talking to a head nurse saying how there should be more displays like the wreaked one in patient’s rooms. She was arguing that the patients could visit the display room. I was arguing that if someone was stuck in bed, it was difficult for them to visit such a display, so the purpose of having it was defeated. This argument was taking place on a large staircase, similar to that in the Melbourne Town Hall . Another person was with us while we were arguing. I think I kept switching perspectives between myself (I think I was female) and the additional character who was definitely a male version of me. As we were crossing a atrium entrance I was getting agreement as long as the head nurse could get some practical benefits like more patients. I asked whether the hospital was public or private. It was public.

The next thing you know, all three of us are strolling through a park and the city skyline is to our right. The nurse keeps glancing over at the city and I tell her do not look directly at the city today as there is a risk of severe sunburn due to a potential nuclear strike. We joke about this and out attention is drawn to a jet that appears to be trailing smoke. After some circling, the plane appears to be upside down and heading for a less than optimal landing. Somehow we are all on a slope in a location similar to the foreshore of Perth , but on a steeper incline and in front of the Herald Sun building in Melbourne.

The plane comes down at the foot of the slope, a concrete crane bucket attached to the front wheel of the jet hits with a loud ‘doing’ first before the plane impacts and explodes. Our group scatters as I instruct us to stay together. I do not know what happened to my companions, but I auto protect with a defensive shield as flames and debris, but interestingly, no bodies, engulf me. I get buffeted around but remain undamaged.