17/07/2007 Ghostly crocodile dream

Dream 1
Weird dream about ghostly crocodiles, hiding in train carriages and stuff.

Dream 2
A friend was promoted from electrical mechanic to something with a very similar title and pretty much the same duties.


12/07/2007 Dreams with strange locality and flirting

I was in a bazaar eating lunch with my parents and brother. Vary busy place. Middle eastern feel.

Something about a waitress across the way checking me out. She was vaguely familiar. Dressed in a Thunderbird costume perhaps?

Something about a steakhouse where I had eaten before. Possibly for a previous birthday shindig of dad’s.

The dream then morphed and I was supposedly married (or the main character was at least) to some skanky skiny blonde thing. One of my friend’s wives was much more preferable, being of an athletic build and she looked tasty with her tight grey top, jeans and short bob. Much flirting ensued.

07/07/2007 Dream with smashed windows and ex gf’s again

There were two ATCO buildings on some sort of camp site. A former housemate, Geoff was taking great delight that we had allowed him permission to break some windows. He was going for it with a tree branch. Supposedly we had to rescue some people and the window smashing was the only way to go about it.

There appeared to be some sort of work function on. An ex gf was looking a tad gaunt and a more recent gf had become an elephant.