19/06/2007 3 Dreams tonight

Some guy cutting off hi penis after ‘being ruined’ while saying “Look what you have done to me”. (on a path in a jungle)

A sword fight scene – some Asian with a sword attacking a defenceless guy with good reflexes in what appeared to be a cross between a pharmaceutical warehouse and a large shallow (10cm or so) deep ocean or sandbar. I got the sensation that wielding the sword was pretty much like handling a light sabre – no weight except in the handle – this I experienced directly even though I was observing the action. Dream felt cyberpunky. The Asian lost.

Possibly conclusion of previous dream. I was with someone on the shore of a beach (my brother? the defenceless guy from the previous dream?). I said I was fine to continue on my own and off they went. When this happened, the water suddenly got infinitely deep. I was there with three kitties – Cunni, Lingus and a new kitten (which was my favourite). The kitties were very heavy and would not float. I was fine with two, but three were no good. The kitten was trying to swim towards me but was sinking. Even with the other two, I was struggling to rise to the surface. In order to remedy this, I imagined floaties around the older cats and a little foam surfboard under the kitten (no idea is anyone made it to the surface). Something about the kitten being about 200m down and the surfboard was making for a rapid ascent.


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