11/06/2007 Slighty Stange Dream

I dreamed an ex fuck buddy/housemate/gf had stopped by (with my brother, eh???) and at the end of her visit she was asking me to see if any of my friends could tee her up with a job as she planned to ditch her hubby and wanted to resume things with me. (I was thinking that was all fine in principle, but she had a kid and was also fat, so in reality no chance in hell as I do not like fatties or kids). She needed a job closer to where I lived as she wanted to move far away from her current abode. I was living in a sprawling house too big for me and I had too much stuff. The house has more of a holiday house design – lots of windows and tacky 1970’s decor. The dishes needed to be cleaned. When I walked her to her car, her cat Adrian? (black and white kitty) escaped and got chased by a dog (reddish brown Irish setter I think) across the road, but it did not get run over as we though it may have been (we heard a thump/splat noise). A bunch of neighbours all rolled up with quite noisy cars.

She said that her hubby got the shits we he found out we used to be an item. He proceeded to pick up in front of her. Most strange as he always knew of our history.


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