07/06/2007 Kissing with mandibles?

I was on a couch with a girl (brunette). We both were employed to rub skin cream and mustard into our skin (for what reasn I do not know). I was puting little bits of cream and little bits of mustard on my legs an the whole process was taking over 4 hours.

Along came a cute short haired blonde who proceeded to freak out the another female saying the skin cream looked like cum. The brunette fled the scene. The blonde showed me how to speed up the skin cream rubbing in so it only took 10 minutes.

Somehow it became morning and the blond made me breakfast – red jelly mixed with cereal – eh?? I was not particularly interested in that. As she was cute, I kised her instead. She had a small head and was crap at kissing (anyone for mandibles or her putting her fingers in my mouth?). Weird slightly.


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