23/06/2007 Dream – strange combined geographical location

I was with a bunch of friends and we were simultaneously down the Mornington Peninsula (Portsea) and up in the Murry region. We were having hits of tennis balls in the Murry. Swimming along hitting the balls to each other. There was a conversation going about how surfers should be made to pay for their time in the water, even if they parked their cars outside of the national park and hiked to their favourite surf spots.

I got fed up trying to hit the tennis balls, so swam to shore where there was a golf course. Everyone followed. We then began to play golf. The green keeper was very put out at this saying we could not do both. I had a receipt saying we had paid to do both and the greens keeper could stop her whinging.


19/06/2007 3 Dreams tonight

Some guy cutting off hi penis after ‘being ruined’ while saying “Look what you have done to me”. (on a path in a jungle)

A sword fight scene – some Asian with a sword attacking a defenceless guy with good reflexes in what appeared to be a cross between a pharmaceutical warehouse and a large shallow (10cm or so) deep ocean or sandbar. I got the sensation that wielding the sword was pretty much like handling a light sabre – no weight except in the handle – this I experienced directly even though I was observing the action. Dream felt cyberpunky. The Asian lost.

Possibly conclusion of previous dream. I was with someone on the shore of a beach (my brother? the defenceless guy from the previous dream?). I said I was fine to continue on my own and off they went. When this happened, the water suddenly got infinitely deep. I was there with three kitties – Cunni, Lingus and a new kitten (which was my favourite). The kitties were very heavy and would not float. I was fine with two, but three were no good. The kitten was trying to swim towards me but was sinking. Even with the other two, I was struggling to rise to the surface. In order to remedy this, I imagined floaties around the older cats and a little foam surfboard under the kitten (no idea is anyone made it to the surface). Something about the kitten being about 200m down and the surfboard was making for a rapid ascent.

12/06/2007 – Seems to be the first detailed dream recollection I have

I was on a bus trip over seas somewhere. We were driving around through a jungle at stages, and a dry mountainous region at times. I appeared to have missed my stop as I think heard some of my friends calling my name. Despite this I fell asleep. I woke up and the myself and three others were at some sort of complex that appeared to be in an Asian country – there we bilingual signs in English and some Asiatic script.

The operators said were had been abducted to work in a camp for a week. I began to demand to speak with the Australian consulate. Such demands were not met. We were lead inside to what appeared to be an underground complex. We had to empty our pockets and place all of our possessions in the green bags you can get from the supermarket. I was not keen on giving up my mobile as it appeared to be an advanced version of a lap top and thus contained my life on it.

Once we emptied our pockets, we had to strip and place all our clothes in the bags too. Once this was done we had to put on blue smocks, baby spew coloured pants, latex gloves on our hands and feet and some sandals. I wound up in a cell/room talking with an ancient while the rest of my companions (and a considerable number of others) were placed on a train. As the train took off, it keeled over crashed, blew up and killed everyone n board. The guards ten said that tomorrow, our job would be to clean up the mess.

The ancient was giving me the heads up on my situation. Supposedly travellers had been getting abducted for years never to be seen again. We were destined to be worked for years, not the week we were told we would be required for. During this time I was plotting my escape and clutching my green bag. The only problem was that I could not figure out where to head as I had no idea where on the planet I was and the innate knowledge of which way was north appeared to be on the fritz.

I complained to the guards that I was sick of sitting around doing nothing and as it was a work camp, I wanted work. At the very least, that would allow me to get out earlier. At this the guards smiled. I said that I supposed they thought that was ironic as they only way out was on a stretcher (presumably dead). Amusing for them, not so for me given my immortality. They got me to follow a 4 year old outside to do some work. The work turned out to be killing a new born. “Stepping on it should do the trick” the 4 year old said. I baulked at this so the 4 year old shot the baby dead. Some old dude took offence to this and shot the 4 year old dead. Some Kenyan guars appeared and shot the old guy dead and trained their guns on me. I meanwhile appeared to be cowering under a bush. The guards then apologised to me saying they did not realise it was me / that I was new here.

At about this stage I was introduced to the leader of a bunch of mercenaries. The leader appeared to resemble a Hollywood actor of the tall blonde heroic type but I think he looked more like Richard Branson. Not long after this a Matthew McConaughey look alike was trying to get me to cook some burgers with him on a weird assed tandoori oven (it appeared to be inside out). I was refusing to do so as I was not sure as to how lenient the guards were, even if they appeared to be treating me quite differently to the rest of the abductees. Due to my refusal he was getting frisky and splashing me with warm greasy water. I wandered off past some weird looking compound resembling a beer garden populated with some more mercenaries. I washed myself under a down spout and as I wandered back to the main complex, one of the guards was with mercs in the beer garden as giving me nasty looks. (this sentance makes sense in dream context)

All the while I continued plotting my escape, wondering where to head and how to get my possessions before I fled.

The dream then cut to the inside of a helicopter where the pilot and co-pilots had night vision wetware implants. They were discussing their next abduction – a bus load of documentary makers in the area.

This swung to a scene of the docco makers in a swamp (it appeared to be somewhere in Florida) They were busy docco making. I got the impression that they would be the key to my escape.

My last thoughts were I should write this all down when I woke up, but I was not keen on waking as this was only act one of the dream and I would be unlikely to resume when I fell back asleep.  I guess by this, is was partially lucid.

The dream appeared to have a detached/tongue in cheek feeling.

11/06/2007 Slighty Stange Dream

I dreamed an ex fuck buddy/housemate/gf had stopped by (with my brother, eh???) and at the end of her visit she was asking me to see if any of my friends could tee her up with a job as she planned to ditch her hubby and wanted to resume things with me. (I was thinking that was all fine in principle, but she had a kid and was also fat, so in reality no chance in hell as I do not like fatties or kids). She needed a job closer to where I lived as she wanted to move far away from her current abode. I was living in a sprawling house too big for me and I had too much stuff. The house has more of a holiday house design – lots of windows and tacky 1970’s decor. The dishes needed to be cleaned. When I walked her to her car, her cat Adrian? (black and white kitty) escaped and got chased by a dog (reddish brown Irish setter I think) across the road, but it did not get run over as we though it may have been (we heard a thump/splat noise). A bunch of neighbours all rolled up with quite noisy cars.

She said that her hubby got the shits we he found out we used to be an item. He proceeded to pick up in front of her. Most strange as he always knew of our history.

07/06/2007 Kissing with mandibles?

I was on a couch with a girl (brunette). We both were employed to rub skin cream and mustard into our skin (for what reasn I do not know). I was puting little bits of cream and little bits of mustard on my legs an the whole process was taking over 4 hours.

Along came a cute short haired blonde who proceeded to freak out the another female saying the skin cream looked like cum. The brunette fled the scene. The blonde showed me how to speed up the skin cream rubbing in so it only took 10 minutes.

Somehow it became morning and the blond made me breakfast – red jelly mixed with cereal – eh?? I was not particularly interested in that. As she was cute, I kised her instead. She had a small head and was crap at kissing (anyone for mandibles or her putting her fingers in my mouth?). Weird slightly.