30/05/2007 Dreaming of aircraft flying

I was on a plane flying overseas last night. It was a small jet on the outside (as in 727 or something) but more like a 747 on the inside. Looking out the windows (very large windows) I saw we were flying very low. Supposedly we were following the highway and there is a large mountain with a huge drop off at Trafalgar East that I swore the plane only just made. The captain said he was just having fun and had gotten so used to the flight path that he could fly 50m off the ground with no mishaps. We came in for a landing at a car park in Moe (though the area looked more like a coastal eastern Vic town, or the dream the other week where my WCC buddies were having a training camp). The plane backed up to some trees and stopped when its wings were just touching some conifers. Talk about strange non direct route. At least there was lots of spare seating on the plane. I was wondering how we were to take off again given the lack of runway.


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