30/05/2007 Dreaming of aircraft flying

I was on a plane flying overseas last night. It was a small jet on the outside (as in 727 or something) but more like a 747 on the inside. Looking out the windows (very large windows) I saw we were flying very low. Supposedly we were following the highway and there is a large mountain with a huge drop off at Trafalgar East that I swore the plane only just made. The captain said he was just having fun and had gotten so used to the flight path that he could fly 50m off the ground with no mishaps. We came in for a landing at a car park in Moe (though the area looked more like a coastal eastern Vic town, or the dream the other week where my WCC buddies were having a training camp). The plane backed up to some trees and stopped when its wings were just touching some conifers. Talk about strange non direct route. At least there was lots of spare seating on the plane. I was wondering how we were to take off again given the lack of runway.


19/05/2007 Combined dreams when recollected

I think this was actually two dreams, but anyhow.

I was driving from Moe to Warragul to go racing. I left something at home so parked my car on the outskirts of Moe to ride home to get it. Then I wondered why I was doing that as the car would be quicker. Then when I got to my race I discovered I had left my bike at home, so I was wondering how to get from Warragul to Moe and back in 30 mins (by bicycle for some reason). As I was headed back to Moe, I saw a familiar car broken down on the side of the road (a crappy green camry). It’s driver was on the northern side of the FWY hiking it to Melbourne. She recognised me but refused to look at me as I approached to offer assiatance, so I said “fuck it” and kept going. For some reason the traffic was using the USA side of the road driving style.

06/05/2007 Adventures in dreamland

Dream 1
I had been out somewhere and I had picked up some semi hot female. We were back at my parent’s, first on my water bed and then in the spare room. I had her half undressed. She had meaty flaps. She was not keen on boffing, implying she had something wrong with her blood (infected? poor genetic stock?). Mum barged in to check up on me and found us (I’m pretty sure Dad also stuck his head in 5 mins previously, but I’d covered the mystery female with the doona). As is the rule in the house, as we were not married, the female had to change to a room of her own. I’d also cooked her some steak and chips. She was keen on the chip, but the steak was overcooked and tasteless.

Dream 2
I was in a seaside town (Apollo Bay / Torquay / Williamstown?). I was cycling along apparently part of a WCC training camp. I think this is the case as there were lots of cyclists around with our new colors on. At one point I was going for a leak on a tree and realized a toilet was near by. Some observers commented I could pee on the car that was parked/dumped at the back of a church. I was a faded red early 80’s Corolla. I located the “fountain stand” in a hall. I’d though someone got crap all over it, but that turned out to be mud (pink colored). The toilet was a hole in the floor with a lid. A large window (floor to ceiling) was at the rear of the toilet and the curtain was drawn aside giving everyone a good view of things. This meant I had to hold the curtain in one hand to block off the view and aim for the hole and not make a mess. Al the time I was worried that someone I used to work with would spy me (apparently they were walking past the window).

05/05/2007 Dream

I was having a bath and heard strange noises. When I got out I discovered all of the windows in my house had been opened and my car and motorcycle had been stolen. I got the impression the open windows were to make ingress easier when the car thieves returned to hook all of my worldly possessions.

03/05/2007 Dream

I was studying and then doing an exam on my bed in the middle of an examination room. The exam was 99% the same as the past exams I had studied. There were three exams I was given, all quite thick and all expected to take 3 hours. The examiner was my lab manager.

At one point I had to have a break as I had removed a dried piece of mucous from my right nostril and this had resulted in a medium sized nose bleed.

At one point I think I needed to go to the toilet (a first for an exam) and I think I was also answering mobile phone calls.