24/04/2007 Dream was so clear at 5am, fuzzy at breakfast

I knew I should have recorded this one when I woke at 5am. Hmmm

Supposedly Angelena Jolie was my girl friend.


22/04/2007 Autofelatio & Fishing

Dream One
A very long dream of autofellatio and not being any good at it. No sore backs of difficulty bending however.

Dream Two
Fishing. I was on a large pier and my fishing buddy jumped in to retrieve something. A time later realised he never surfaced and all that marked his jumping in was some foam where he went under. Did this mean he had drowned?

A group of curious people fitted me out with SCUBA gear and we went to investigate. It appeared there was an abandoned camp site at the bottom of the bay. Three 4WD’s were parked there. No idea where the drivers went. Even less idea how there could have been cars driven there, tents and an extinguished camp fire.

Dinner and weirdness

Some fuzziness about a female picking me up and the inviting me to dinner at her place. Lots of filler then I am making my way there (via an obstacle course or something). Something about a rope from the sky and a stone wall with a door (wire security cage) set at a 45 degree angle into some stairs.

When I am at her place she has food set up, but I am not hungry. She enquires as to the whereabouts of Andrew, a former house mate of mine, implying she invited him to dinner also. I say I need to go to the toilet and get up and kiss her. I then wake.