31/03/2007 Motorcyles and the crazy ex dream

I was riding my motorcycle around Moe in the pitch dark. I had no gloves and a helmet that alternated between an open face and standard.

I passed a pedestrian in a similar fashion to riding on a bicycle (lots of motorcycle riding in dreams feels more like riding a heavy sluggish bicycle as I have to pedal). A motorcycle in front of me called out ‘grey’ and then made a point of saying he was not a grey himself.

I wound up behind a guy going slow on a trail bike. He was brown and had good muscle definition and was very lean. He turned off towards Erica at the bottom of Moore Street and I went right. I noticed I was doing 60kph so I twisted the throttle and hooned then it was daylight and I had a car coming towards me who was indicating to turn. I was cautious as usually the cars do not turn where logically they would. The car wound up being the crazy exe’s and it kept going straight.


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