31/03/2007 Motorcyles and the crazy ex dream

I was riding my motorcycle around Moe in the pitch dark. I had no gloves and a helmet that alternated between an open face and standard.

I passed a pedestrian in a similar fashion to riding on a bicycle (lots of motorcycle riding in dreams feels more like riding a heavy sluggish bicycle as I have to pedal). A motorcycle in front of me called out ‘grey’ and then made a point of saying he was not a grey himself.

I wound up behind a guy going slow on a trail bike. He was brown and had good muscle definition and was very lean. He turned off towards Erica at the bottom of Moore Street and I went right. I noticed I was doing 60kph so I twisted the throttle and hooned then it was daylight and I had a car coming towards me who was indicating to turn. I was cautious as usually the cars do not turn where logically they would. The car wound up being the crazy exe’s and it kept going straight.


30/03/2007 – More ex gf’s make appearances

I was at the house of my 2nd gf. It was on a huge block in Fitzroy or Carlton and there appeared to be some type of underground facility there.

Some people from work had decided to go there to conduct a meeting so we were in the backyard at a small table. The ex’s mother gave me a cup of coffee – the coffee and water in one cup, and the milk in a small ceramic container resembling a shot glass. As she did this she slipped me a note and whispered that I should call her daughter.

Then things get fuzzy. Something about the thimble full of milk not being enough and discussions on why there was a request to call an old gf when she had been married for years (and presumably still is/was).

Nice view of the hills from the front room.

28/03/2007 More details recorded than is normally the case

I was in a loft or something, on a bed with a regular dream participant. A friend of a friend, though who I do not know. Anyway, we were kissing and I was trying my best to seduce her. She said she was keen to boff, but I’d supposedly had so many women she’s be just another notch in my belt. There was also someone on the couch downstairs and all we had for a wall was ( a currently open) curtain or sheet hung up on a railing). While she was saying this I was necking her and playing with her very hard clit. Once she said she was not sure about boffing, she got on her hands and knees and invited me to do her doggy. I got up an pulled the curtain closed and then took her up on her offer.