18/02/2007 The damn ex still haunts me!

Dream Last Night
Some really cute chick was getting all hot and sweaty with me but then decided she did not want to have sex as she had her period (what what what!). Anyway, she wound up giving me a HJ. This was a tad inappropriate as she was a gf or wife of a friend of a colleague at work or something that is supposed to be off limits.

Dream Last Week>
The ex makes yet another appearance.

I was doing something and psycho nutter was doing her usual “what are you doing that for, why would you do that, that’will not work, you are no good” etc bla bla bla.

It go to a stage where I round housed (if that is the term) her. In doing this, I woke myself up as I had punched one of my pillows.

Not bad, she can even rile me up in dreams enough to break the usual locks that prevent movement while dreaming of actions.


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