30/01/2007 Fuzzy dream

I dreamed a friend had picked up and wound up dating a girl with the same name as the first girl I ever pashed. She was from a differnt suburb, and though looking similar (though aged), was not her (much to my relief). Very fuzzy dream. Friend was unknown to me. Location unknown.


21/01/2007 Dream – double dose

Dream 1:
I was bonking three ex girl friends, all in the same room and one after the other. The third one was my first gf and I kept missing and sticking my dick in her ass. I kept wondering why none of them were too concerned that I was boffing other people.

Dream 2:
I was being a hoon on my motorcycle.

Think this is the first time I actually had sex in a dream, usually I wake up after the foreplay.

14/01/2007 – First dreamy night of the year had 4 dreams logged

Dream 1
I awoke to find some strange guy in my bedroom standing there. I could not figure out how he had gotten into the house as the place was locked. He asked how I would punish him for breaking in and I took his pants down and sucked his cock (eh?). A very realistic dream until he disappeared and I wondered what the heck was going on.

Dream 2
I was walking through an abandoned shopping centre when a really attractive blonde (Carmen?) in a green dress began pashing me. Flash forward and I think I was chowing down on her. She had medium sized genitals. Then we were (green dress, a friend, Mark and his (replacement woman) and I) sitting at a café (or ice cream parlor) table that was way too small for the four of us and green dress she announced she was pregnant. I was more excited than not as I had feeling of love for the woman. The dream continued but got fuzzy.

Dream 3
I was part of a research expedition on Loch Ness. We were trying to find Nessie. The lake was two levels, with a large waterfall in the middle. We had been looking but only when we decided to look at the base of the waterfall did our radar (not sonar) pick up an underwater cavern and a fresh water spring. This enabled us to fin Nessie’s habitat. There was also something about the monster liking to go close to shore so it could eat apples.

Dream 4
I had finally caught up with an old school friend – Di. We wound back at her place (some strange commune or sorority house) and jumped into her bed. We pashed and she went yuck as my tongue was dry. She directed me to drink some pepsi.