18/09/2006 Dream made sense while having it, not much when recalling it.

I was swapping characters again. There was an expedition to somewhere. Evil child. Boat? Turning people to stone or glass or amber. Ability to change people back to normal with some gold coloured draught.

Towards the end of the dream the expedition was heading home. The evil child said “sleep” and everyone fell asleep. Another child we had apparently rescued (the whole point of the expedition) took a little longer to fall asleep.

The next scene had everyone in coffins, dead with the only survivor being the evil child. The king and queen wondered how this could be so. The queen (or perhaps a disembodied me) insisted that an Aeon Flux type statue be revived as she was not truly dead.The dream made lots of sense while having it


07/09/2006 short dream log

I had lost my pass for work and was trying to get places without it.

This was difficult to fathom as I had left pass next to my key and wallet so I should have picked up on way to work

02/09/2006 – Dream redered CGI style, so interesting on that account

Everything in this dream was rendered, cgi style.

I (or we) at a beach location – evil was coming – leave beach for inner land as the ocean was going to rise – when it did it was populated with boats like up ended rib cages.

There was a large water giant in anthropomorphic fashion – ability to dissolve people – one character was curious so went to the ocean (oo, nothing is going to happen here)….they got caught in the water – a hand of the giant got them…the character got either dissolved or erased…not sure which.

Meanwhile, back at base I was taking back up HDD’s with me, leaving all else and flying out (I could fly) to safety (which required I get to at least 500m attitude).

**a dream where I keep switching chars*