29/05/2006 Dream of Golf and Crotch Biting Dogs

I was walking down one of the main streets in Fitzroy in a dressing gown over PVC and purple ugg boots. Saw a girl I met a at gothic club a couple of weeks ago. She was eyeing me from a queue she was in. We exchanged greetings. I was unable to stop as I was moving in an easterly direction. The buildings were sparser and different compared to the waking world.

Mark and I were in a park and he whipped out his golf clubs (these were featured in a previous dream in the evening, but besides the clubs being in the back of a van or car or ute, that is all that can be remembered here, oh and besides the transport heading to Perth).

He wanted me to test the clubs. Metal shaft, oversized black carbon head. I had one shot. It felt very nice indeed. I had a second swing and out of nowhere a Doberman came and took the shaft in its mouth. It then decided it would be a goog idea to bite my crotch. Somehow I subdued the dog and went gunning for the owner. I found the owner, ranted, raved and abused him and the bastard was unapologetic. Said he had a collie and not a Doberman when I asked him if the had a Doberman.

I was crawling around a few bushes in the normal dream golf club – fairways either running down valley’s or not as the dream shifted. I wound up accessing the dog owner’s golf club membership and transferring it to myself via some computer/mind interface and a virtual glowing screen.


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