22/05/2006 A couple of dreams

dream 1:
I was removing large amounts of bright green fluffy moss (a variation of sphagnum) from either my bicycle or motorbike’s handlebars.

dream 2:
I and about 5 others were escaping (apparently from work) in a jet. One of the lab co-coordinators, Michael stated “You’ll be back tomorrow.”, and i replied quickly with “Maybe in a year”, and then hastily closed the door of the plane and slid the locking bolt on the door across.

There was a huge crowd of ppeople around the plane, but this did not prevent us from taking off (maybe we ran them over, who knows, it was a concern, what if they got jammed in the landing gear as it retracted?( the pilot  -some girl I think I went to school with) said she was too tired to fly and someone else would have to take the controls. This turned out to be me. I moved into her seat as we were taking off.

It was night. there were tall trees at the end of the runway. Once I took control, the controls were not intuitive – pulling back and the plane went down, pushing forward and it went up. Twice I flew under high tension power lines, marginally missing scraping the tail on the wires. Then i had to avoid a mountain range. In the end I somehow landed on the side of a mountain, but a landing strip was close by – the plane was pushed there so we could take off again.

Between take off, there was a scene where I walked across the road to town and sat on a park bench and waited for a member of our crew who had wandered into town for some reason. It was cold. The bench appeared to be at the rear of a garden nursery.


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