30/04/2006 Warehouse full of ex criminals

My warehouse created and populated by me. Criminals knew who I was but could not recognize me – I had to open a safe to prove who I was – this required I merge my hand with the internals of the safe and activate the opening mechanism involved altering reality of the safe to make my hand share the same space as the lock. Seems the locking mechanism resembled female genitalia at one point (eh?), could only get three fingers into the safe up to the main section of hand, when I needed to sink my hand in up to the wrist.

A piece of paper was in the safe (but I knew this as I could see through the door at one stage) and I had trouble opening safe as “I’d used all my energy up when I created this world’.


25/04/2006 Short and sweet dream

Very sketchy details.

I had killed someone and was trying to hide them in a (really deep) puddle. I think I’d hacked them up and was thinking of concreting over the hole.

04/04/2006 Double Dream Dose

Dream 1
The ex’es house mate and I were going hammer and tongs. She was blonde and quite lithe. The whole dream took place in a spare room on a clapped out mattress.

Dream 2
Use of internet at work for personal use – graphs show it is on the rise. Conclusion is that this is to be expected. Apparently was in a pretty boring room with lax lighting discussing this trend