17/03/2006 Fuzzy Recollection of Epic Dream

OK, I knew I should have written this one down when I woke at 5am.

A older work colleague had invited me out on an unspoken date on a Saturday night. Lots of telepathic overtones. It appears she was a dominatrix and wanted to play with me.

The next thing I knew I was in a church and it was filling up rapidly. I was getting lots of disapproving looks. I wound up on the podium giving my own sermon saying that the whole point of being religious was to be hypocritical, using various passages from the bible to emphasize my points.


03/03/2006 Dream

I was in a jumbo jet. The pilot and co-pilot had been killed (possibly by me). The door to the control cabin was locked. I needed to use a molecular knife to cut open then door (in a vertical slit, top to button, nice yellow melting effect on the metal/white fake leather grain laminate of the door). Once I broke into the cabin I needed to immediately pull back on the flight control stick as the plane was about to plough into a forest. I got the plane to do some hedge trimming before it began to climb into the air again.