22/02/2006 Dream

WTF? More ex gf dreams.

OK…The ex and I are living at my parent’s place. She trys to sneak out in the middle of the night (even though it is light). Some guy (production night shift) is in the drive way in a beaten up red volkswagon bug.

I recall lots of bad feeling in this dream and we were arguing heaps (mainly telepathically).


21/02/2006 Double Dose

Dream 1
I was at my parents place and Vic (a friend) was there (her hubby was around but invisible). She then proceeded to suck certain parts of my anatomy.
This goes against character.

Dream 2
The ex and I were at a variation of my new place. We were sleeping on my parent’s dining room table at their place and she wanted to boff ‘for old times sake’. She then got annoyed when mum entered the room, foiling her plan.

Then she wound up being freaked out by mum being nice to her and asking innocuous questions about how she was. She ran outside (now my new place’s front porch) to have a smoke (not something she would do unless drunk in real life), I went out to her and she was crying. Said something about how she still had feelings for me and how she thought I still loved her. I agreed I did.

WTF? She does not, I do not and there is no way in hell she’d offer a ‘for old time’s sake’ boff. Even less chance of me taking up the offer. Some weird assed dreams of late!

19/02/2006 Double Dream Dose

Dream 1
My hair was falling out due to being brushed way too much. It had become brittle and tended to snap lots. This was leaving me with quite a large amount of ‘stubble’ on my scalp about 5mm long.

Dream 2
I was at work and the laminar flow cabinets had been disappeared from their usual locations. After some looking they appeared. One was located on the ground in the heparin testing area. The other was perched on top of the heparin testing machine. When I enquired as to how anyone could use the perched unit, the ex replied that she’d put a stool on the bench in order to reach it. I then said she’d better fill out an OH&S assessment. She baulked at that so I said I would do it myself. She then cracked it saying she was joking. I then cracked it and walked off ranting and raving about how slack everyone was and bla bla bla.