15/01/2006 Tripple Dose

Dream 1:

I think a girl had the hots for me. Very blurry. I just had a flashback…I remember discussing the consistency of ejaculate with some girls (WTF????).

Dream 2:

I had gone out to a goth club (though it looked more like a bar in Brighton). I was sitting at a table and people very asking me questions about stuff in my live journal. Quite strange and semi embarrassing.

Dream 3:

I was sitting on my bed, weeping over the ex.

I am going to have to keep a pen and paper besides me at night, as when I wake in the middle of the night, I can remember some epic dreams in full detail, but by the morning, I have either forgotten I work going “I must write this down”, or they get all fuzzy by the time I do record them.


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