25/01/2006 Dream

I was in a hotel lobby in the city. Apparently it was an establishment favoured by nurses. I had received a room for a number of nights due to winning some sort of competition.

After I had been downstairs a bit, the lobby transformed into a bar/restaurant. I was walking from the front to the rear where the elevators were when I spied a girl sitting on the corner of the bar. She looked very much like gf#2 – Kelly. I did not notice this until I had walked some distance past her, so I turned and double checked. I noticed her looking at me. I kept going to the elevators and entered one. Meanwhile she was wondering what I was doing here (I could read her thoughts).

The next thing I knew I was seated in a corner of the restaurant, chatting to some very fuzzy women. My best friend Mark showed up and was acting very obnoxious (not like his style at all). He was being very loud and making a scene of things. I think the conversation we had went along the lines as nursing was a small industry and if I dated one, it was likely she would know or know of other nurses I had dated.

**Shesh!, One would think I had a big thing for nurses given this dream. Either that or I obsess about a gf I had over 6 years ago as she keeps popping up in my dreams**


15/01/2006 Tripple Dose

Dream 1:

I think a girl had the hots for me. Very blurry. I just had a flashback…I remember discussing the consistency of ejaculate with some girls (WTF????).

Dream 2:

I had gone out to a goth club (though it looked more like a bar in Brighton). I was sitting at a table and people very asking me questions about stuff in my live journal. Quite strange and semi embarrassing.

Dream 3:

I was sitting on my bed, weeping over the ex.

I am going to have to keep a pen and paper besides me at night, as when I wake in the middle of the night, I can remember some epic dreams in full detail, but by the morning, I have either forgotten I work going “I must write this down”, or they get all fuzzy by the time I do record them.

06/01/2006 Dream strangeness

Some skinny girl had taken a liking to me.  I was living in my old East Malvern house.  The place was full of other families as well as my aunts and full of bustle.

The girl came into the bathroom when I was naked (bathroom was Mum and Dad’s bathroom).  She jumped in the shower with me.

Then she appeared in my bed.  She threw herself on top of me and fucked me after much protesting from me

I was then at my desk, she in my bed when Auntie Heather came in and assumed the worst.

Later some unknown lady brought in a form that I needed to sign in order to check for STD’s or something as we apparently had had unprotected sex and she was suspected of being pregnant. There was no way she could be pregnant as I’d been fixed at some stage (not in the dream, but knowledge of being snipped was present).

A pretty whacked out dream!

03/01/2006 Inappropriate party guests

My housemate held a party at our place. Somehow she decided it would be a good idea to invite a few of her friends into my room where they all got cosy on my bed.

I was in the study, opposite my room and saw all this. At the same time I was reading my 2005 diary. One of Ren’s friends, Aaren was sitting on my bed with her also. I went into my room, called him a dirty cunt for fucking my gf and man handled him out of the house. He was amazingly compliant and light. I then said to Renae, “what nerve you have inviting somebody you fucked while we were going out into my house, especially my bedroom!”.

I was not a happy camper in this dream, not at all!