28/12/2005 Double Dream Dose

A short one. I was riding in a car with some people (I know not who). One of them began singing the song that goes ‘I was gonna so something or other, then I got high, then I got high, then I got high’.

Renae and I were having lunch on a park bench (apparently at work). She looked at me for a long time and then she said, ‘do you remember that night in November when I stayed out all night?’. I replied that I could not recall it.

There was a pause and then she said she hoped I would not get angry as what she was about to tell me was pretty close to me. I invited her to go on. She said she had picked up a friend of mine called Steel Irish when she went to a night club called Purple. The kissing ‘just happened’. I was slightly peeved as this friend was either married or in a significant relationship. I was trying my best to stay calm, as logically, there would be no point having a hissy fit.

Ren then went on to say she had fucked him. Talk about a fucked in the head reason why she had done so. The line I remember perfectly from the dream was ‘I fucked him as I could not get to sleep’. Geez!


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