19/12/2005 Gay bars

Ok. I decided to hang out at a gay bar. I figured I could read there in peace and not be hassled by anyone trying to pick me up.

I wound up falling asleep on a mattress or couch in the bar. When I woke everyone was shielding their faces as a straight guy had decided to enter. The straight wound up being a policeman who informed me I was not allowed to sleep in a public place. I informed him I was tired.

The next thing I knew I was checking out upstairs, which had turned into a gothic club. An ex gf, some cousins and their entourage was there. The club had little alcoves which were curtained off. MY cousin’s hubby had chopped his long hair off.

We all exited together and as we were leaving, I realized I had left my book on the 2nd story. I re-entered the club (which now had turned into the lobby of a club called Retro. I told the guy on the counter that I had left my book in the club, “But not this one” as I held up a book that looked like Stephen King’s A bag of Bones, but was actually on whaling. I found my book on the floor next to the right wall. I grabbed my book and exited.


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