18/12/2005 Nastyish Dream

I have gone to a house between my current house and where I used to live in Ashburton. I had gone here with (I think), the Renster.

We were hanging out on the nature strip (west side of a north/south street). We observed the youngest cat that lives at my place, Cinders, had been splattered and was on the road.

We collected it. I unnecessarily told my housemate she would no longer have to worry about her sister’s cat bashing Cinders up when she moved back home.

Not long after there was a lump on the road covered in an old red towel I have. After a vehicle drove past missing it I investigated. It turned out to be one of my cats, Cat. It had also been hit. Some stranger (I apparently knew) picked it up and dumped it on the nature strip. After a few minutes, Cat moved. IT was not dead. He appeared to be breathing fin and had
no visible injuries.

This all took place on a Saturday so I was worries about getting Cat to a Vet as I could not afford emergency vet rates. I was hoping Cat would be ok until Monday when I could get him to a vet to be examined


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