19/11/2005 Double Dose

I was riding my mountain bike clockwise around the inside of the old sports shed at Presentation College (my old high school). Another cyclist (orange goatee) was riding around counter clockwise. On the RHS side of the shed we got to chatting about how mountain biking was great for cross training. Now here’s the weird thing: considering we were both going in opposite directions, we were chatting to each other while we were side by side, for a few minutes. Quite a feat if we were traveling in opposite directions at speed. Must have been some warping of space-time for that to have occurred!

This is from a few days ago, but I still remember it. I had traveled to some shopping centre to meet up with an old girl friend (Kelster). However, when I got there I could not recognise her. I had the feeling a skinny chick with short hair and freckles was the old ex, but considering she looked TOTALLY different I was not sure. She had never been svelte, nor had her hair been the colour it was, and she had never had freckles.


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