A Tripple Dream Dose 30/11/2005

“Dooms Day” (actually took place at night)
There was a well coordinated and advertised dooms day. The time and date was given and a reason for the nuclear Armageddon too.

A girl from work, Vanessa was acting shirty near a computer and it eventuated that she had a nuke stored in the ceiling of a house (we deduced this as the ceiling of a house in the dream had been ripped open, and dream knowledge told us why this was so). She was a member of a terrorist group whose aim was to allow the proper education of children, free from the influence of technology.

V wound up with the nuke strapped to her back, doing laps of a valley on her mountain bike. This valley was very compact and had nice smooth bike paths all around it.

On the far side of the valley were caves. I was on the opposite side and relatively unprotected. A dam was also bordering the valley (same dream dam as usual I think – the one with the weird monster that lives in it, (sometime it’s a lake, other times it’s a dam)).

Anyway, the plan was for the nuke to detonate at 22:30hrs. The bloody thing went off 10 minutes early. Not good as I had directed a few friends to head for the caves. I was on the unsafe side of the valley (though over the hill, so had a fair amount of earth between me and the nuke). The bomb went off, emitting much light and a loud howling noise (not like the usual sound of a nuke). Shortly thereafter, lots of molten earth began raining down. I had managed to work myself into a storm water drain so was relatively safe from the mayhem. I was unable to saved everything I had wished to – people and goods.

I could not fathom why a mountainous region was being nuked and not a city (though plenty of major cities were targets).

Pete Smith, a well know Australian voice over man was doing a commentary on the dream through out. Very surreal.

This dream involved the good guys and the bad guys in some psychic battle.

The evil dude had a bright white light coming from his mouth. There were two good guys, myself and someone else. We had black light coming from our hands. It took the two of us to subdue to evil (and possessed) dude. After a long struggle with much gesturing with our hands, we managed to wrap our black light around the white light and quench it. This resulted
in the evil dude being back to normal, and being unpossessed.

I was walking back to camp with a girl I met on this year’s Great Victorian Bike Ride when we started getting touchy feely – she put her arm around me. It was not long before we wound  up pashing. Yippie.


19/11/2005 Double Dose

I was riding my mountain bike clockwise around the inside of the old sports shed at Presentation College (my old high school). Another cyclist (orange goatee) was riding around counter clockwise. On the RHS side of the shed we got to chatting about how mountain biking was great for cross training. Now here’s the weird thing: considering we were both going in opposite directions, we were chatting to each other while we were side by side, for a few minutes. Quite a feat if we were traveling in opposite directions at speed. Must have been some warping of space-time for that to have occurred!

This is from a few days ago, but I still remember it. I had traveled to some shopping centre to meet up with an old girl friend (Kelster). However, when I got there I could not recognise her. I had the feeling a skinny chick with short hair and freckles was the old ex, but considering she looked TOTALLY different I was not sure. She had never been svelte, nor had her hair been the colour it was, and she had never had freckles.