02/10/2005 Extended Dream Record

This dream began at a pub of nightclub sort of location (similar to the Astrodome in Traralgon). However, this was fairly fluid as the setting keep morphing. As the band was setting up, I kept feeling fat rain drops falling on me. By the time the band was good to go, it looked as if we were outside, in front of a huge cave/aircraft hanger type of structure.

It was a cross between daylight and early evening. As the band began to play, they were suddenly in cars, doing doughnuts on the slick mud in front of the audience (who were seated in foldable chairs). The band seemed to be trying to scare the audience by making their cars come as close as possible to the audience. They appeared to be doing a good job. The next thing I knew, the cars were on water (same venue which had turned into a lake around the size of a soccer field and around 10 meters deep) and we (myself and several unidentified others) were trying to sink the band’s cars (it appears we had wound up with out own car). These cars were normal cars, that somehow were able to float on water and get traction and everything. We managed to sink a few of the bands cars (all but one I think) before being sunk down the far end of the stadium.

At this point I was the only one of the audience left (alive?) – there was no one else around and I was at the bottom of the lake, able to see clearly and to breathe. I could see the band on the surface. They had torches and were trying to locate an item on the bottom of the lake. I was making sure to avoid their lamps, while stalking them with the intention of killing them all.

Even though it was night, I had no problems seeing. In the far right corner of the lake I found a weird ring – it was all bony and appeared to fit over multiple joints. There appeared to be a Gigerish or dragon design on it. I had to clean it up, but it would not fit on any of my fingers. This being so, I still stuck it on my pinkie as well as I could.

The dream went on for sometime, with the number of band members diminishing until only one remained. I made my way to what looked like a tomb at the front of the lake. When I got in front of the tomb it appeared to be a BBQ – a very large version of the one at my parent’s house.

Where the wood would usually go, many kitchen implements as well as unidentified objects were placed. I picked up a cross between a tuning fork and a regular eating fork (it was long and skinny and a bit dainty, with two sharp tines. The remaining band members were instantly under the water with me confronting me about my “weapon”. We appeared to be using telepathy to communicate. What was I intending to do with the weapon? I had to explain my way out of it so he did not think i was going to use it kill him. (quite a difficult task telepathically, thanks to needing to mask a few thoughts and get the feel of the transmission correct). I made a point of saying that there were plenty of nasty looking knives in the tomb/BBQ which I would have selected if I had ill intent. there were many knives as well in the BBQ.

I woke up before anything further happened.