09/09/2005 Dreaming

Apparently my new anti-migraine tablets are supposed to cause bad dreams (not that this was disturbing, just bad in the “eh? What is going on” sense of the word).

I am my mother when she is in her early 20’s. I am driving down the bottom or Moore St in Moe and it is dark, no lights and road works are underway – there are many orange posts marking out the lanes and creating a swirvy route. The road is wet, though it is not raining. The next thing I know I have driven off the road and died. I pop up in a swamp next to a tan 4wd. There are reeds as far as you can see in every direction. Myself, my two kids and a group of other dead? people are milling around. It is warm. We do not appear to be injured (or dead for that matter).


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