25/09/2005 Dream

I met a stunner – cute, perfect body type, black hair, ever so slight chub (on an athletic body). She appeared to be wearing a red and black negligee. We appeared to be in sync and on the same mental wavelength – so much so that I picked up all of this through telepathy. Not sure about specifics, but I know it was set on a GVBR location (sort of South American / Victorian mountains locale) pervious dreams have been centred on. At one point she was around 12 years of age, but in the next she was adult again (she appeared to be able to shape shift) and was conducting espionage or something while in the younger form.

Another part of the dream involved me flying using an invisible helicopter that I held onto with my hands, and now and then controlled with my feet. I had trouble controlling this device and for some reason was going from Moe to Trafalgar. At one point I was low flying through trees, chopping up branches and at one point a bird (as grey feathers flew). The next section I was trying to gain altitude, but was hemmed in by many power lines and the lines above railways.

At times the helicopter’s upper section was present, but mainly, I was hanging from the hand controllers, wondering what would happen if I fell.


18/09/2005 Dream

I was in a house where I was trying to get out of the front door. I was in the entrance hall? And every door I opened lead to the same plushly decorated office. I eventually figured out that I had to think about where I wanted to go, before opening the door. I think the next bit of dream wound up with a really tight female with large labia minora sitting astride me and screwing my brains out. She was a semi midget, having a really long torso and stumpy legs, light coffee coloured skin.

09/09/2005 Dreaming

Apparently my new anti-migraine tablets are supposed to cause bad dreams (not that this was disturbing, just bad in the “eh? What is going on” sense of the word).

I am my mother when she is in her early 20’s. I am driving down the bottom or Moore St in Moe and it is dark, no lights and road works are underway – there are many orange posts marking out the lanes and creating a swirvy route. The road is wet, though it is not raining. The next thing I know I have driven off the road and died. I pop up in a swamp next to a tan 4wd. There are reeds as far as you can see in every direction. Myself, my two kids and a group of other dead? people are milling around. It is warm. We do not appear to be injured (or dead for that matter).