30/08/2005 Dreaming away

I was at Deepa’s (a girl from work) place and we were chatting and getting quite close. There were romantic undertones we were both fully aware of, but trying our best to ignore.


Dream 25/08/2005

Won tattslotto – I was not going to get excited until I had confirmed the win myself – won around $700 000. Some girl/woman I am familiar with (or at least in the dream) relayed this info to me…perhaps a personal assistant.

17/08/2005 Dreams

Driving around Narree Warren I stumbled over Kel’s house (her being an ex gf). We got to talking and she admitted she was unhappy with her marriage. Apparently her and hubby never talked and were not getting along anymore. She had two kids – one a 6 year old called Emma, and another 2 or 4 years (the ages were not realistic). Somehow I got caught
naked in her bedroom and the next thing I knew I was running up the street, wedding tackle blowing in the wind. After about 20 metres, I returned to talk to Kel’s hubby saying “It is not what it looks like” The thing was, it was not what it looked like (thanks to good old dream logic and me being dressed one minute, and naked the next).

Kel wanted back with me. I was considering this but my current gf would have been hassle – I was trying to figure out how to rid myself of her. It would likely prove difficult as the numerous times I have tired to part ways, she has not believed me and hung around. So much so that I just put up with her these days in the hope she will get up and go.

Strangely, I did not mind Kel’s two kids – something I would never do in reality as I’d prefer to make my own, rather than have them pre assembled.

This was a very blurry dream about winning tattslotto and having trouble figuring out what to do with all the cash (I think).