02/12/2004 body hopping dream

I have had this one before, though slightly different.

3rd person view alternating with 1st person

I am a character played by Denzil Washington. I am fighting a body jumping demon while being attacked by terminator units of the T800 series. One of the Arnies is on my side. I have a son who is also fighting. The venue is a construction site post apocalyptic venue. I can remember the following quote: “I may have failed With Azozal, but this time around I won’t. May be you Azozal – I don’t care, I will win”.

In 3rd person mode I recall saying there are five houses and I have broken the gas mains to all of them as I light a lighter, toss it and duck for cover in a hole as the gas explodes. I am also capable of jumping bodies like my opponent.


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