09/12/2004 Body Swapping

Myself and another spy were to parachute into enemy territory and blow something up, possibly a someone very similar to Osma Bin Laden, rather than a something.

We each had a red bar code on one of our wrists designating us as part of air patrol (this barcode was forged, as we were part of a secret organization and we had ‘infiltrated’ the air patrol in order for our drop).

We had a noisy, suspicious commander that had checked our entry and exit records to some area of camp, and due to the strange activity times, he had concluded one of us was not what we claimed to be. During this time I was swapping between the two main characters. As one of me was being grilled out in the mess hall tent, the other character of mine yelled out something along the lines of “shut the fuck up” due to the grilling being quite vocal. This prompted the commander to conduct a fierce diatribe from his location, rather than search me out. This enabled the character being grilled to lose the attention of the commander.

I seem to be having many dreams of late where I am simultaneously in my body as well as observing my body from a 3rd person perspective.

We finally get to enemy territory after an extended flying story line where we finally landed our planes before they were flown off by other people (the planes swapped from being single occupant to double occupant design). After hiking through some scrub, we used a bazooka to pick off our target. What followed next was a storyline involving jeeps, scrubby land and some terrorists as we made our escape. I have forgotten the details.

I also think this dream had some Asian prison camp aspects to it that were part of a recurring dream I had a number of years back.


02/12/2004 body hopping dream

I have had this one before, though slightly different.

3rd person view alternating with 1st person

I am a character played by Denzil Washington. I am fighting a body jumping demon while being attacked by terminator units of the T800 series. One of the Arnies is on my side. I have a son who is also fighting. The venue is a construction site post apocalyptic venue. I can remember the following quote: “I may have failed With Azozal, but this time around I won’t. May be you Azozal – I don’t care, I will win”.

In 3rd person mode I recall saying there are five houses and I have broken the gas mains to all of them as I light a lighter, toss it and duck for cover in a hole as the gas explodes. I am also capable of jumping bodies like my opponent.