A double dose of dreams 26/06/2004


My house was under water. A friend was hypnotised to believe he was an expert snake handler. Due to this he was tormenting a sea snake that was swimming through my lounge room. The snake got riled up and then bit another friend on the upper right thigh. We then rushed him to hospital. Strangely, we did not have to wear breathing apparatus or goggles while the house was under water.

When I returned home, Miss Kitty had been bitten by the snake and was crushed under a metal clothes hamper and it she was convulsing. This being so, she healed pretty darn fast as was as good as new quite quickly.

The friend who was bitten by the snake was in casualty for 6 hours and not dead yet.


I rolled up in Peru. I was in the foyer of the place we stayed at in Cusco. I was asking if they had any rooms free. I wound up being placed in room 2, which was next to the room I had stayed in (room 2 in my dream was the room Dave and Brad had stayed in but modified somewhat). I was taller than the door. I had left my backpack at another hotel, and when it arrived I discovered that I had packed my girl friend’s shoes and the only ones of mine I had on were the ones I had worn over on the plane.

I was wondering how I was financing my trip considering I was in the middle of work holidays and a tad low on funds.


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