Strange Historical Dream 02/05/2004

I was at a play being held in a converted church. My party consisted of a number of guys and a number of girls who as the dream went on, appeared not even to be acquaintances.

The play was about break ups. The main character was writing a break-up note on a blackboard and we were not sure if he was asking for help, or just thinking theatrically out loud.

The seating was still shitty church pew seating.

Prior to the play, there was a long intermission thing. A vaguely familiar girl took a liking to me and began asking me about musical instruments. I finally figured she was talking about organs. She was very touchy feely and blonde. I kept worrying that Ren would see me and think me taken.

I managed to point one out to her in the complex where we were (an old church?). The pipes were disguised with some large chain mail material. As I was explaining organs, I was picturing very vividly other location where I had seen organs – sort of like a mental projection.

One of the guys I went to the footy with kept scaring off the girls with us. We observed a number of times him come back to our seats and the girl leave. When he left the seats, the girls came back.

When the play started, he transformed into some guy from primary school?