28/04/2004 – Desolate Work Dream

I went to work to find most of the lab deserted and dusty. The antibiotics suite had been cleaned out and the wall between it and the remainder of the lab had been knocked out.


Historical Erotic Dreaming 25/04/2004

I was lying in bed, which was on corner of Warrigal Road and the street near the park here. “Cheryl” and “Ren” were lying next to me and Cheryl said I felt cold as she touched my hand. I said not as cold as Ren and I touch her upper left arm with my right arm. The next thing I knew (scene change) we were lying down under sheets and someone was trying to grope me. I assumed this was Ren. It turned out to be Cheryl. She accidentally squeezed one of my balls before grabbing my cock. The scene transmuted again and Ren was kneeling down above my crotch sucking my cock very nicely. I then woke up as “Vic” came home and made lots of noise.

17/04/2004 – Dream Weirdness

I was at a train station on the platform (It reminded me of Caulfield) and for some reason I was next thing I knew, between the two tracks (having thought of being there, so possibly I teleported). A train began then came along heading west (closest to the platform) and another train came along heading east. I was standing up between both train lines thinking SHIT! I had to make myself as thin as possible and not waver so either train would not clean me up. They were both moving fast and seemed very big (at least from my vantage point between them).

07/04/2007 Strange dream

I was picked up by a female while out and was invited back to her place. Lots of dream filler (the trip there, an obstacle course) and then I arrived at her place. There was something about a rope from the sky and a stone wall with a door (with a large wire security cage/gate) set into the wall at a 45 degree angle. And also some stairs.

When I arrived at her place she had food set up. I was not hungry. She enquired as to where Andrew was (a former house mate). This implied that she had invited him along also. I replied with saying I needed to visit the toilet and as I got up, I kissed her instead. Then I woke.

01/04/2004 School followed by recurring cycling dream

I was in a classroom back at secondary school and the teacher was asking us to come up with euphemisms for defecating. These were very lame. An example was “eurgh, eurgh, eurgh, splash”.

I have a recurring cycling dream – The cycling occurs near a familiar freeway that had very steep cycle trails and roads along its path. At one point there is a steep dirt track, and when the trail veers from the freeway, a mountain rises that has very steep rides and sharp corners. Whenever I dream this I get the impression I am on a Great Victorian Bike Ride.