19/03/2004 Housemates and angry snakes!

My housemate walks right over a taipan that is looking a bit angry and she fails to notice.


17/03/2004 – Strange Wedding Dream

I wake up at 6am to hear a work mate’s wedding I am invited to has started. I roll up wearing the top half of a suit, and motorcycle pants. The wedding is in a hall and we wind up doing the nut bush, somthing I alway hate.

I work my magic on some fetching lady but to no avail (sheesh, can’t even get lucky in my dreams!) Considering the work mate is Greek, there were no Greek’s in the dream, lots of work managers though (the statement about Greeks is incorrect so it must be dream thoughts 21/11/2014). The hall transformed itself into a house.

Historical 01/03/2004 Dreamy Time

I picked up a hot chick from the Internet and when I got back to her place she turned out to be a guy with breasts. The rest of this dream was spent with me sucking ‘her’ cock.