Historical 11/02/2004 Dreamy Time

For some reason my kitten has sheared off both it’s right paw and it’s head. I reattached the paw with no worries without the need for glue or stitches. The head was another matter. The two cleaven surfaces had desiccated, much like what you see happen if you cut a cactus plant in half, even with the spine being the central bit of the cactus. I reattached the kitten head and jump started it’s body and all was well. I ran into a slight hiccup when the kitten’s pulse hit 1000bpm and blood began to spurt around. The kitten was quite happy running around, playing, but I was concerned that the head needed permanent securing to the body. For some reason electrical tape was chose for the job, but the kitten would not sit still to be secured. In the end, a vigorous play session resulted in the head popping off, blood going everywhere and then the various parts of the kitten decaying much like they had be sitting in water for a couple of months. The next section of the dream was full of misery. I decided that the next time one of my cats gets chopped in half, I need to sew it back together once the pieces are reattached and BEFORE I kick start its systems, not try to sew the kitty together after I have got it going.


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