25/01/2004 A strange dream about allergy testing.

A strange dream about allergy testing.

I was in a clinic being allergy tested. A communal needle was being used to prick my forearm. Once I twigged the needle was used for other people (Oh yeah, oops, said the nurse), I took over and tried using a tooth pick. It did not work the best, so I wound up using a corn cob holder to prick myself.

Following the testing, the nurse began to take a tissue biopsy using one of the toothpicks. Having someone ram a toothpick into your arm and twist it about is not an enjoyable feeling, if dreams are anything to go by.


Historical 17/01/2004 Dreamy Time

I was at a sex party at my Nanna’s place in Darnum. I had lost my housemate and my best friend and went looking for them. I went into Nanna’s bedroom “dungeon#4”. My best friend was on top of one of the skinnyish girls from work going hammer and tongs. Two Asian (but not quite as they were semi cat like) girls were going each other. I proceeded to take care of one of these strange looking females. After about five minutes, the other one joined in. It was at about this time some business like blonde with expanded ringleted hair went around issuing everyone with receipts. It seemed to attend the party we had to fork out $60. For some reason I was being charged $500. I took great offense to this and made this known. Apparently big blonde was going on an overseas trip and needed the money. I said I would not be paying and if anyone was going to be paying anybody for sex, then I would be the one getting the cash. The dream got fuzzy around now but I think we began to flesh out what I would be charging females to experience my delights.