26/04/2003 Long involved hostage dream

An epic length dream.

Somehow I was in a large square warehouse with a high roof of steel girders.

A bunch of Welsh men and women had taken all the people at work hostage and apparently a number of my friends as well. The hostage numbers increased as people showed up for work (which was strange as the site of being held was no where near work).

At one stage I had a pen and paper and was going to draw the layout of the place and include sketches of the baddies. I waited until it got dark (it go dark rapidly around 18:00) the I began to draw. I must have been lying down to the rear of the room (towards a large view screen!?) the leader advanced on me rapidly and held me in a headlock/chocker grip (which did not choke me). He asked me if I was a (something beginning with S). I said I did not know what he meant. I said I may be a smart ass or intelligent or few other apt descriptions, but none of these seemed to placate him. he asked one of his colleagues if I was and kept saying to me, was it worth being a “S” if it meant breaking my neck.

I told him nope, deciding to keep any hints of immortality secret. He deigned to release me after some more ranting and raving. It was at this point that I noticed the boyz as well as work people in the warehouse.

It was here that I noticed it was now 9am…very unusual as the headlock had begun at 18:00 the previous day. I asked everyone if the had suddenly noticed that it was daytime and no one else had.

One of my friends was explaining the situation to me and I said under my breath (but quite loudly) “fuckwits”. The baddies must have been listening as a female all clad in black (looking like an actress who I cannot place) came over and said “someone dies for this, make no mistake”. She grabbed the Nutman thinking he had uttered the words as he was standing next to me. It was now that I used the Force to choke her to death and as an extra touch I burnt out her eyes.

I remember nothing more of this dream.