27/03/2003 Porno mousaches and sometime bar and grill

I and a bunch of friends were gathered around a table someplace. The topic of conversation was where the birthday party of a friend who was back from overseas was to be held. The venue was to be Dave’s Sometime Bar and Grill. On questioning where this was I was informed that it was at my friend Dave’s place.

Dave had a porno moustache. My overseas buddy was looking a bit skinny.

In General

Of the last few dreams I can remember a theme is developing. While I am dreaming I am observing my surroundings and thinking, “This does not make sense”. Maybe I’m getting back to the good old days of lucid dreaming.



I was sitting in my car at some traffic lights when a homeless dude jumped into the passenger’s seat. He held a knife to my throat and wanted my wallet. I informed him I was not carrying it and he did not like my answer so I smote him with telekinesis.

16/04/2003 Exes humping strange guys

Hopefully not a theme developing.

I was outside my old unit sitting around a table chatting with some friends (not that I recognize who any of them were). One said “shhh, do you hear that?”. We all went quiet and pricked up out ears.

My housemate was having sex with my some strange guy in my bed and had locked my door. After going up to the door and letting out a pained “Nooooooooo” I headed off to have a shower (after thumping around the kitchen). When I got to the shower, strange boy was in there! Needless to say I was looking for something to mangle by this stage.