28/10/2002 Terrorist pilot and fluid geography

I was walking around the streets of Melbourne when a Jumbo jet (QANTAS) began to fly low and kept diving at me (a most laborious task considering the size of such a jet). I was hiding behind buildings and structures and avoiding the plane that was apparently being piloted by a terrorist. The reason he was having trouble locating me was that he had only be shown how to fly in strait lines and not bank or turn.

Somehow I wound up crash landing the wicker basket of a hot air balloon and the plane lost track of me (it actually vanished).

The next thing I knew I was looking across the London Bridge at the Tower of London/Buckingham Palace where the plane has shaved off the top off the building and then crashed just after the Sydney harbour bridge. I could see the while silhouette of the plan on the seaward side of the bridge.


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